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Topic of the Month

New This Month!

November 2018

Sleep and Your Little One - View PDF

Topics for 2018

September 2018

Technology vs Play - View PDF

June 2018

The Importance of Play - View PDF

May 2018

Eyes, Ears, Mouth and Nose Health - View PDF


April 2018

Eating Obstacles, Adventures, and Tips! - View PDF

March 2018

Toilet Training Tips - View PDF


Topics for 2017

October 2017

Encouraging Independence in Young Children - View PDF


May 2017

How to Prepare my Child for Kindergarten - View PDF


April 2017

Lets Go and Grow Outdoors - View PDF


March 2017
Gross and Fine Motor Skills - View PDF

February 2017
Exploring Literacy - View PDF

Topics for 2016

January 2016
Simple Ways to Get Your Child to Eat Healthy - View PDF

February 2016
Fighting the Winter Blues - View PDF


March 2016
Winter Fun - View PDF


April 2016
Play to Learn - View PDF


May 2016
How to Prepare my Child for Kindergarten - View PDF

September 2016
Songs and Fingerplays for the Family - View PDF

Topics for 2015

November 2015
Family DIY Projects - View PDF